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the country cottage

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A house is a place where everyone is free to dream, love, think, and honor God. May this country house be filled with peace, love, kindness, and goodness.

Feel free to browse the following pages:
  1. Get insights on teaching from student-teachers and actual teachers as well... (Teacher Dhang)
  2. Know the author better by reading her Journal.
  3. Read some of her poems, essays, and short stories... (Literary Works)
  4. Learn some crafts from the author and papemelroti designers, ms.pasty and ms.peggy on Crafts, etcetera.
  5. The author is also an aspiring composer, singer, and musician. View some of her song compositions.
  6. Living a Christian life needs discipline and self-control. Need help? Go to the Prayer Corner.
  7. View notices and links at the Tags page.
  8. The Attic is full of old memoirs. You can take a visit.


The owner of this site: Miss Criselda Santos

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."-Psalm 37:4



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